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Device Clinic

Help for Managing Your Heart Device and Improving Your Life

Device clinics at Mercy Health provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources to manage your heart device. The goal of the clinic is to improve the quality of your life through a working relationship between you, your cardiologist and physician.

How Do I Get Started?

A referral from your doctor is required for your participation in the clinic. After receiving a referral authorization, you will be contacted by phone to schedule your initial visit.

What is a pacemaker?

A pacemaker is a small, lightweight electronic device for people living with a slow heartbeat. The device is implanted into the upper chest by the shoulder to keep track of the heart's electrical activity. If the pacemaker senses that the heart is beating irregularly or is pausing too long between beats, it will send electrical signals to the heart that stimulate it and keep it beating at the proper pace.

If the heart is prevented from beating properly, not enough oxygen-rich blood is delivered to the body's organs including the brain, which causes tiredness, dizziness and fainting. A pacemaker will give you more freedom to do the regular activities that you love.

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