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WZZM 13 Val Lego and Mercy Health Love Your Heart

WZZM 13 and Mercy Health

Mercy Health is proud to partner with WZZM 13 health reporter Val Lego to encourage you to Love Your Heart. Join us every month as we cover a variety of topics all aimed at keeping your heart healthy. To watch segments on how to Love Your Heart, please visit our video page.

Monthly Topic

Take Your Exercise Outside

Summer is right around the corner and along with the warmer weather comes longer days. Now's the time to take advantage of the extra daylight and move your exercise routine outdoors!

Our experts have outlined some benefits of exercising outdoors that will help keep your heart happy and healthy:

1.) You'll exercise more

When you exercise outside, you'll often end up adding time to your daily workout routines. Studies show that people who are active outdoors get at least 30 minutes more of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per week than those who only work out inside.

2.) Nature lowers your blood pressure

It's estimated that nearly 10% of people with high blood pressure could get their levels under control if they would spend at least 30 minutes in a park each week, partly because of the heart-related benefits of getting fresh air and lowering stress.

3.) Your mental health may improve

Nature has a way of making people feel calm, and exercising outside can strengthen that effect. Even being outdoors for small amounts of time has proven to reduce stress. By combining your fitness regimen with the great outdoors, you're not only doing something physically good for your body, but mentally as well.

4.) You'll save money

Exercising outdoors is not only convenient, it’s also less expensive than a gym membership. A simple walk or jog around the block beats the cost of a treadmill any day.

5.) It's fun!

Use summer to your advantage and try some fun outdoor activities instead of your typical workout routine. Go for a long hike or bike ride, maybe even try something outside of your comfort zone like kayaking or rock climbing. Exercises that are "outdoor only" are great alternatives for those who don’t always want to be in the gym.

Plus, when you're doing a fun, vigorous activity that gets your heart-rate up, you often times don't even realize you're exercising.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the long summer days and take your exercise outdoors.

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